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Films are a wonderful and easy way to keep abreast of Ophthalmic progress and educate audience around the world. We, at IIRSI wish to honour Ophthalmologists and as such invite you to the 4th IFFA, IIRSI Film Festival Award Show 2020.

Winners and Runner Up awards will be given in each of the Five categories and a Grand Prize.One can submit more than one video for the competition.The videos will be there to view in the website after 15th June 2020.

Terms & Conditions: Judges decision will be final. Only submissions made by registered members for IIRSI 2020 will be eligible for the awards.



  • Best in Cataract and Cataract Complications Video
  • Best in Cornea & Refractive Video
  • Best in Other Specialty Video
  • Best New Techniques/ device/ innovation Video
  • Best Teaching Video
  • A Grand Prize

Video Specifications

  • All category/ specialty/ videos will be accepted
  • MPEG/1/2/3/4, mp4, mov, wmv
  • Video should not be more than 8 minutes long
  • Audio voice over mandatory
  • Last Date of Submission – 7th June 2020
Total 11 awards with winner and runner up in each category and a grand prize will be awarded.

Steps to Submit

  • Register for IIRSI 2020 conference
  • Check for login details sent to your registered email ID

Step 1 : Click login from under the menu in the top right corner
Step 2 : Check for Film Festival in your accounts page
Step 3 : Click on submit your Film Festival
Step 4 : Submit your video and upload video using add file button (note the video has to be less than 10 MB size)
Step 5 : If the video is more than 10MB please upload the video on Google drive, drop box and we shall transfer and paste the download link in the video URL section, and press Submit

For any assistance in submission, please contact secretariat@iirsi.com or call +91 9999030575


Who Can Submit?

Anyone who is registered for IIRSI 2020 (Member, Non-Member, PG, Ophthalmologist, Faculty, Speaker). If you are not already registered please Register.


How to Submit?

1. Register Online. 2. Click on Submissions in main menu or Login if already registered to Submit Video.


Can more than one video be submitted?

More than one video can be submitted.


Can the video be sent through courier even though it was submitted online?

You can send a copy of your film in dvd/pen drive with proper labelling (please do not forget to mention your registration no., email ID, phone number) of the producer's name, video submission confirmation number (post submitting the video you will receive the confirmation number) and the title of the film in durable packaging for shipment to Mr. Kumaraguru Kathirvel.


Can the video be edited after submission?

Yes. You need to send a mail to secretariat@iirsi.com to make any edits on the submitted video.


Judging Criteria

  1. Video should not be more than 8 minutes
  2. Concept/ Original
  3. Video Clarity / Cinematography
  4. Vocal Understanding (How well the voice over explains the process progress in the video)
  5. Take Home Message / Educational Content
Note: The video submission deadline is 7th June 2020.